Summer School


What we call workshop today will become standard in the future. In all contexts, this means that people will need to develop qualities as facilitators. - Stefano Vanotti, Zurich University of the Arts

This 8 week course is a deep dive into the art of workshop design. The 8 Step Roadmap empowers you to create your sessions confidentially, whether it's about transferring knowledge in a concise meeting or creating new ideas over a period of day(s). It teaches you methods beyond agenda creation.


It's a hands-on approach to creating an experience that is meaningful to your users and yourself. 

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How to be a VIRTUAL Team Meeting

HERO - Short Course

Designing virtual meetings means: creating user experiences. With a before, during, and after: for maximum motivation, growth, and fun. 

This course takes you on a step by step journey to do so.

Especially in times of change, we need to be extra human and show our people we care.


Surf Champ

Success is 20% Skills and 80% Strategy. 

- Jim Rohn

This quest takes you on a 6 step roadmap of becoming a Strategy Surf Champ, who can surf the waves of change, simply because you are crystal clear and know where to. You can do it for yourself and your precious life or your company. You can do it alone or as buddies.

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Resilience for GROWING STRONGER in


Times Like These - Short Course

Resilience all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive. - Jamais Cascio


This quest leads you through a 10 step process to (re)discover your resources, which makes you turn change and crisis into opportunity and fruition.