Today, we live in an environment that changes faster than ever. In order to guide your team, your organization and yourself through today’s VUCA* world, you can acquire skills that prepare you, allow you to safely remain on board and steer your ship.

*= volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous

My Toolbox makes use of a productive mix of resources. I combine tools learned at Hasso Plattner Institut with approaches from Humboldt University’s artop Institute, ResilienzForum, Spirit Yoga and other qualified methods (including Hypnosystemic Concepts and Systemic Constellation).

Design Thinking

Design Thinking creates practical and innovative solutions: it redesigns products, services, strategies and the way we work within organizations - and our lives at large. The approach makes use of the designer's mindset, work process and methods in order to match users’ needs with what is technologically feasible and viable in terms of business strategy. Anyone can learn and apply Design Thinking!

Resilience Circle Training (RZT)®

The Resilience boost is based on the Bambus Prinzip®: it works with resources that we apply when coping with transition and change. The bamboo metaphor stands for the ability to be stabile and deeply rooted while at the same time remaining agile and move flexibly with the wind - or the circumstances that surround us. The Resilience Circle Training (RZT)® centers on and strengthens 8 essential resources: Vision, Optimism, Improvisation, Solution Orientation, Acceptance, Network, Self Efficacy, and Regulation.

System Thinking

System Thinking solves problems by observing the bigger picture - the overall system as well as its individual parts. Through visualizing and prototyping techniques, we do not only analyze consciously, but also tease out connections and draw consequences.


In periods of rapid change and unpredictability yoga helps us to remain calm and focus. Yoga is more than a sweaty workout and an esoteric belief: it is a simple but powerful tool. With the help of regularly recurring exercises, you will become able to breathe more freely – a first step to feeling healthy and strong, to focus and let go.