The Mommy Design Thinking Certification

Your parental leave booster

Actively use your parental leave as a real opportunity for a Design Thinking hands on training. Step by step you get trained in the Design Thinking way of approaching problems. And over time you complete your own project, even new business. You turn your passion into your future.

I support you and your personal project with online mentoring.
The Design Thinking Pocket Guide* is your manual, which means little time in coaching is needed. You study on your own pace and progress.
As parenthood is an agile and individual experience, I iterate this program every few months. To get the latest info please get in touch. I’m looking forward to it!

* This guide, written by myself and my dear colleagues Annie Kerguenne & Abraham Taherivand, provides answers on how to become a Design Thinker in 10 steps. It presents hands-on tools to train your creative muscles: Design Thinking. Professionals take you through entire projects and show you how to tackle them with the help of specifically designed methods – step by step.