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Virtual Team Meeting Facilitator

What if we made the most of our team meeting?

What if we could set clear goals, a detailed agenda and activities that would turn our virtual meeting into an effective and motivating unit of time?

Absolutely possible. I'm here to support you on this journey.

The Art of Workshop Design

A step-by-step process to organizing your own workshop for you and your peers. The Art of Workshop Design provides leaders in large and small organizations with the tools to run effective workshops instead of wasting people’s time and motivation in inefficient meetings. For the love of effectivity, interaction and fun.
Out in spring 2020.

Virtual Coachings & Trainings

Take Action: Redesign your Project, Strategy, and Personal Path.
Keep the Fire Burning: Implement a new Habitus and Sustain it.

The Mommy Design Thinking Certification

The possibility to turn parental leave into a Design Thinking qualification. To boost your skillset, your worth and most importantly, to create the project or business you love.