Changing behavior needs practice! I am passionate about training people and empowering them to access their creative potential - wherever they are, whatever they do.

Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers is a modular workout program that turns you into a Design Thinker. The program is based on the Design Thinking principles and the Toolbox. With the help of both, you will become a motivating facilitator.

Method Deep Dives

Method Deep Dives work like protein shakes in a gym: they are specifically designed nutrition boosters that enable you to work more effectively and reach your goals. You dive deeply into methods and apply them to hand-on tasks.

Here are some examples:

Workshop Design

Become an expert in creating a learning environment and flow that produces tangible results.

Efficient Kick Off Meetings

Become better equipped when working collaboratively and visually towards common goals.

Empathy Methods

Improve your skills by using the 360┬░ field research toolbox.

Cultural Probes

Expand your toolbox with a method that enables long distance, long term, and intimate user research.

Ideation Techniques

Improve your ability to come up with new, inspiring ideas.